Halla Hulsey & Enid (Exter) Hulsey
In October 1998, Enid sent me this information: 

Halla A. Hulsey was born to Erwin A. Hulsey and Ollie Waggoner Hulsey on September 9, 1913 in Green Forest, Arkansas. He attended high school at the School of the Ozarks and Dawn's Business School in Springfield. In 1939 he  moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico as a produce truck driver. He roomed at the Palmer Rooming House, run by Lucy Palmer, Enid's Grandmother. 

Enid Hulsey was born to Simeon Exter and Maud Palmer in Kelly, New Mexico on January 23, 1918. Simeon left the family when Enid was two years old.  Maud moved to Santa Fe to work at the Indian school there. Maud died on May 31, 1926. Zoe, Forbes, and Enid moved in with their grandmother. 

Hal and Enid met, fell in love and were married on October 5, 1940 in Santa  Fe. In 1941 they moved to Burbank, California. Hal went to work at Lockheed  Corporation. 

On January 18, 1945, twin girls, Janice and Zoanne were born. They had  their schooling in Burbank. 

Janice married George A. Carey on February 10. 1985. We instantly acquired  two lovely granddaughters, Katie and Christy. Dean Anthony was born in  Newark, Delaware on June 29, 1985. Katie lives in Connecticut and Christy in Florida. George (Chip), Janice and Dean now live in Torrence, Ca.  Zoanne Lives in Newark, Delaware. 

Hal and Enid retired in July, 1973. they had many great trips and good 
fishing. They moved to San Marcos, CA and were happy there. 

Hal passed away on October 13, 1997.